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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

News About the Iglesia Ni Cristo from the Philippines

Former Catholic Church in La Motte Chur finally dedicated to God 

The formerly known Holy Rosary Catholic Church located in Iowa, USA was established in 1893 by the Catholic Church. 119 years ago, Catholic church leaders have used holy water around the sanctuary in order to do this, a common practice of Catholics during dedications.

And back to the present day, this same church has been dedicated again, but this time, by the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) with tears of happiness and religious fervor during a 2-hour ceremony attended by 850 people that tripled Jackson County's population of 260.

Aside from the several dozens of residents of the county, most of the attendees in the church and 3 more overflow areas were members of the Iglesia ni Cristo from all over the country. They have all come to this dedication to see and hear our Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V Manalo.

It took 2 months to turn an old church that stood empty for 5 years and renovate its sanctuary. The renovation stripped away the stained glass windows, crosses and crucifixes and has improved its utilities through adding of crystal chandeliers and high-tech media systems to name a few. Local firms were hired by the church to do the renovation which includes a rich wood interior altar furnishing. The church bought the church building in June 2011 for $180,000 and has so far put $621,000 into it for the renovations.

The brothers Mike and Gary Bonifas of the construction firm the church has hired to do the renovations said that the church members were "excellent" to work with, although the project was challenging.

"It was sad to see our church go, but doing this right like they did has given it back some of its glory," said Mike Bonifas.

"Sitting here empty, it was an ugly reminder of what was here, the social center of our town and our religion," added Gary Bonifas. "This is an overall plus for the community."

Buses from many states line the parking lot during the dedication although the actual membership of this new locale is only 22. The members expect growth in the next months and have been hoping to host regional events now that the church has finally been officially dedicated.

During the dedication, a 48-voice choir in white robes with sage-green trim marched in perfect step from the back to their seats in the front of the congregation. The hymns were rich and as these songs and prayers begin, the congregation were overcome by emotion, many quietly sobbing.

Beginning Wednesday, the towering church steeple was brightly lit at night, drawing attention to the highest point in La Motte. This is just one of the many churches dedicated in the past year.

*** Worship services at the Iglesia ni Cristo in La Motte, Iowa are 7:30 PM Wednesdays and 11:00 AM Saturdays.

Source: Telegraph Herald (Thursday, January 5, 2012)

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